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Steve Craig: Life Beyond Being Marie Osmond’s Husband

You may have heard Marie Osmond’s angelic voice or seen her cheery, youthful glow on TV, but do you know about the man behind the smiles? Yes, we’re talking about Steve Craig, the heartthrob who stole Osmond’s heart not once but twice. In this blog post, we’ll be delving into the life of Marie’s rock-solid support system and best friend- Steve Craig.

If you thought all celebrities lead flashy lives in the spotlight, Mr. Craig is an exception. Here, we discuss less-known facts about Steve- his early upbringing, career ventures, a love story with Marie Osmond that’s nothing short of a movie plotline, and many other intriguing aspects of his life journey.

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Full NameStephen Lyle Craig
Date of BirthJune 26, 1954
Place of BirthProvo, Utah

Early Life of Steve Craig

Steve Craig, born in the serene lands of Provo, Utah, has always been regarded as a private individual. Despite only coming into the public limelight after marriage to Marie Osmond, details about his birth and early childhood remain tucked away from prying eyes. There’s no doubt that the famous allure of his family influenced his upbringing.

Early Life of Steve Craig

Steve fiercely guarded his privacy while growing up amidst a family of increasing popularity. While information about this time remains sparse, considering how anonymous he is intent on being, one can allot this era as one filled with hard work and effort paving the way for Steve’s future pursuits.

Indeed, something enigmatic about Steve Craig’s early life adds more color to his persona. Yet it only piques our fascination even further, for this enigma greatly contributes to viewers’ desire to explore who he truly is beyond being the husband of Marie Osmond.

Breakout Moments In Steve’s Career

Although traditionally out of public scrutiny, Steve had a career journey that deserves acknowledgment. Best known for his sports days in the 1980s, his prowess on the basketball court remains etched in many fans’ memories.

At Brigham Young University, where he became a celebrated basketball player, he was instrumental in taking the team to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournaments.

After university, he decided to turn his love for sports into a career by becoming a professional basketball player.

He had stints with various reputed teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and even took an overseas flight to play for Italian teams. Those were indeed significant milestones and laid down stepping stones for Steve’s career.

His collaborations further added feathers to his hat. Notably, Steve did not directly engage with major brands or influencers quite like today’s celebrities do, yet he commanded respect within the industry through his work.

While we might be clamoring for more information about this inspirational athlete turned husband of Marie Osmond – one thing is sure: the layers of this man’s life are as interesting as they are diverse.

Love Story of Steve Craig and Marie Osmond

Steve Craig first met the vivacious Marie Osmond at a university basketball game during their youthful college days, setting into motion a love story worthy of Hollywood screens.

A whirlwind romance ensued, and in 1982, they decided to bind their love into matrimony. Tales of their initial marital journey carry an organic charm that resonates with anyone seeking an earnest love match.

Life as newlyweds was nothing short of enchanting; however, as it often happens in matters of heart and life, theirs too hit a rocky path, causing them to part ways after just three years of marriage in 1985. This period marked one rife with quiet longing and explorations of individual growth.

Yet fate had other plans. After spending more than two decades apart with different people, the spark between Steve Craig and Marie Osmond reignited.

In an act that surprised fans and admirers alike, they fell back into each other’s arms, ultimately remarrying in 2011 – a testament to their enduring love story, transcending time.

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Steve Craig’s Net Worth

Steve Craig possesses an impressive net worth reflective of his many years of hard work and dedication. Known for being both a motivational speaker and sports business consultant, his financial success can be attributed to his various business ventures.

Steve Craig's Net Worth

Yet, keeping in line with his low-profile demeanor, the exact numbers have remained under wraps. It’s safe to speculate that living the life he does comfortably alongside Marie Osmond in their lovely Vegas home, Steve’s financial status is nothing short of comfortable.

Steve Craig’s Social Media Presence

Social media ubiquity hasn’t yet seemed to cast its net around Steve Craig. Indeed, you would be hard-pressed to find Marie Osmond’s husband active on the usual social platforms.

This fact adds yet another layer to the mystique of Steve Craig. His absence online only fuels public curiosity about his life. It’s a testament to his desire for privacy despite being married to a high-profile celebrity.

Controversies & Public Scrutiny

While folks like Steve Craig live rather private lives, there’s no denying that celebrity-association does place them under the microscopic eyes of public scrutiny. For Steve, marriage to Marie Osmond subjected him to a fair share of media attention and criticism.

However, countering all odds, he has maintained a relatively clean slate regarding controversies. Known for his professional demeanor and quiet character, Steve managed to stroll through the celebrity world with dignity and grace intact.


To wrap things up, Steve Craig may be best known as Marie Osmond’s husband, but he is so much more. His strength of character, commitment to his family, and his undying love for Marie provide a captivating narrative that keeps us interested.

His life’s journey weaves an interesting tale that bridges the gap between fame and normalcy in a way like no other.

As we step back from this fascinating exploration into the life of Steve Craig, we’re left with a greater appreciation for this unique individual.

Despite his reserved nature and avoidance of the limelight, he continues to ripple through our curiosity with each revelation about his character and life. Truly, Steve Craig is a figure as intriguing as they come.

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