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Samantha Lewes: the True Story behind Tom Hanks’ Ex-Wife

Welcome to the world of Hollywood love stories and complicated relationship webs. This is where fame, fortune, and personal lives intertwine and sometimes cause a clash.

One such tale revolves around Samantha Lewes – the name might not ring a bell immediately. Still, she’s known in Hollywood primarily for being Tom Hanks’ first wife and the mother of talented actor Colin Hanks.

Samantha Lewes, whose real name was Susan Jane Dillingham, had an extraordinary journey intertwined with dreams of stardom and iconic roles in American cinema’s history pages.

As we take you through her story, from humble beginnings to life alongside one of America’s most celebrated actors – Tom Hanks, we’ll unravel truths that brighter stars in the industry have overshadowed.

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Full NameSusan Dillingham (Known as Samantha Lewes)
Birth DateNovember 29, 1952
Death DateMarch 12, 2002

Early Life of Samantha Lewes

The story of Samantha Lewes is nothing short of intriguing. Born as Susan Jane Dillingham in San Diego, California, she spent her early years engulfed in an atmosphere quite removed from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Her childhood was filled with simple joys that shaped her personable and affectionate personality.

Early Life of Samantha Lewes

Yet, there always existed an undercurrent of ambition in this young girl. She dreamed big, even as a child. With a magnetic pull toward the cinematic world, she decided to chase her dreams right after high school. The journey towards stardom led her to navigate an unknown path filled with countless trials and triumphs.

Samantha made strides forward in the entertainment industry through determination and possessing a unique talent for acting. This resilient woman skillfully balanced work commitments while holding strong to who she truly was at heart- making sure never to lose herself amongst the shimmering lights of fame

How did Samantha Meet Tom Hanks?

Who knew that Hollywood, a world so often characterized by temporary encounters, could be where a young actress would stumble upon her enduring love? Samantha Lewes met Tom Hanks in the most unexpected of places. Yes, their story began to unfold amidst filming sets and reading scripts.

Their paths crossed at Sacramento State University, where both were studying theater. A friendship sparked between them like a flicker in a dark room; soon, that friendship burgeoned into romantic feelings. Like the characters they portrayed on-screen, real-life love blossomed between Samantha and Tom.

The budding romance soon led to the sacred vows of marriage. They tied the knot in 1978, stepping into an exciting new chapter as husband and wife. Little did they know about the trials and tribulations they were yet to face.

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Samantha Lewes Entry into the Film Industry

When Samantha Lewes stepped foot into Hollywood, she breathed fresh air. Her talent shone brightly amidst the talented faces in the industry. She began her career modestly, working in television before moving on to film roles.

Samantha had two notable appearances – “Bosom Buddies,” a sitcom where she starred alongside Hanks, and “Mr. Success,” a short-lived comedy-drama. Although her acting career was not as highlighted as that of her ex-husband, Tom Hanks’, it had its noteworthy moments that added feathers to her professional cap.

The balancing act between personal life commitments and professional demands could be grueling for anyone, let alone someone as active in the industry as Lewes was. Yet, Samantha made it look effortless. She juggled between movie sets and family dinners seamlessly, displaying an admirable example of maintaining equilibrium in life’s chaos.

Separation & Divorce Between Tom & Samantha

The canvas of love painted between Samantha Lewes and Tom Hanks sadly did not last forever. Over time, the once harmonious relationship became plagued with issues that unfortunately led to their separation. The exact circumstances remain a well-kept secret, their troubles behind closed doors only shared among those closest to them.

This tough period was amplified when the couple decided to part ways. The divorce process was as heartbreaking as it was painstakingly lengthy. Unsettled issues became legal battles meticulously scrutinized in courtrooms rather than peacefully resolved in their home’s privacy.

Life post-divorce wasn’t smooth sailing either. Both had to traverse paths they hadn’t walked before; they now had to learn how to co-parent while living separate lives. This new chapter bore its own set of challenges for both parties involved – a part of life neither Samantha nor Tom had envisioned for themselves or their kids.

Samantha Lewes’s Net Worth

In her lifetime, Samantha Lewes managed to amass considerable net worth. Predominantly gained from her acting career, she also garnered income from various other ventures.

Samantha Lewes's Net Worth

However, post-divorce, she continued to lead a reasonably comfortable life owing to the alimony that was settled during the divorce proceedings. This settlement ensured her financial security and helped her maintain a decent lifestyle for herself and her children. Even in an uphill battle with life’s trials, Samantha Lewes epitomized resilience every step of the way.

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All in all, Samantha Lewes’ life is a tale of passion, perseverance, and poignancy. She navigated the challenges of Hollywood, raised a successful son amid marital strains, and faced her fate with grace and dignity. Her legacy continues to live on in Colin Hanks, who shines bright in the world of showbiz, just like his mother.

The story of Samantha Lewes reminds us that beyond glimmering Hollywood personas are real people with real lives. Each person has a unique journey filled with ups, downs, trials, and triumphs. And in her case – she was more than just Tom Hanks’ ex-wife; she was a brave woman who lived her life on her own terms.

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